2 Braided Hairstyles For Spring!

Hey everyone!

March 21 marked the first day of Spring! I wanted to show you all two simple, cute, and versatile hairstyles that would go great with your new Spring clothes! 🙂

Side note: I’m washing my hair today, so I will also be doing some braided styles for curly hair soon!

Style 1

I started by parting a section of hair in the very front of my head (the picture has disappeared), and then splitting that section into two.


After braiding both sides, I used a rubber band to secure the ends so it doesn’t come out.


Here are a couple of other ways to style with these two braids.

IMG_1669                    IMG_1676

Style 2

This is the basic two braids, except instead of braiding until the end, I secured the braid at the base of my head with an elastic, to create ponytails.

IMG_1682          IMG_1686IMG_1690

Usually when I do this style (on curly or straight hair) I do buns at the end instead of leaving my hair down.

IMG_1692        IMG_1701

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Look out for more hairstyle pictorials in the future!