17 Things To Aim For In 2017

It’s still January, so I feel like posts like this are still acceptable. 🙂

  1. Aim to learn.
  2. Aim to grow.
  3. Aim to prepare for a better future.
  4. Aim to love for yourself, and not anyone else.
  5. Aim to know yourself.
  6. Aim to love yourself.
  7. Aim to love others.
  8. Aim to get what you deserve.
  9. Aim to assert yourself.
  10. Aim to be the best.
  11. Aim to be a leader.
  12. Aim to listen – to yourself, and to others.
  13. Aim to give.
  14. Aim to let go of the things that are holding you back.
  15. Aim to grab on to the things that will move you forward.
  16. Aim to be happy.
  17. Aim to be truthful – to yourself, and to others.

Kwanzaa Itinerary 2016

Hey guys,

I’m sure most of you don’t know that I do not celebrate Christmas, but I do celebrate Kwanzaa.

I wanted to share my plans for Kwanzaa this year with you all, so feel free to look through the itinerary posted below.

Kwanzaa Itinerary 2016

Also, it has a lot of inspiring poems and family bonding activities that I’m sure can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

If you have any questions about Kwanzaa or why I don’t celebrate Christmas, comment them below and I’ll answer.

Happy Holidays! See ya next year 🙂

Views from an HBCU: Trump as President-elect

Feel free to comment your responses to the questions I asked down below (:

I decided to ask a couple of people at my school their opinions on the recent election. What I asked is quoted, and the two responses are differentiated by color.

“Was this your first time voting?”

Yes, it was.


“Have you voted before?”


“Why didn’t you vote?”

Oh, God. That’s such a heavy question. I didn’t vote because I don’t like the way that I see how things play out. I don’t believe in supporting something [or someone] that I’m not 100% sure of; and so if I casted a vote I’d feel like it was just fake, and so by casting a vote I feel like it was just fake and wouldn’t be true to my character and my beliefs and my morals.

“How was your overall voting experience?”

It was great. My university paid for buses to take us to the polling site and to bring us back to campus when we were done. It took me about 15 to 20 minutes.

“What was your initial reaction/initial thoughts when you first heard the of the new President-elect?”

I was actually up late at night watching the numbers and kind of freaking out because it looked like Donald Trump was going to become our president and then it became more clear that there weren’t many options for Hillary. And so once she lost a couple of states that I thought would have been… I guess… really important for her to win the overall election, I kind of knew [that Trump would win], but I just hoped that things would turn around in the morning, so I went to bed. I didn’t stay up to find out [who won]. When I woke up in the morning the first thing I did was open my laptop and ask Google who is President-elect and of course it was Donald Trump. I was heart broken. I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t allow myself to feel too sad, but I did feel really bad that there is going to be a racist in the White House.

I wasn’t shocked at all, actually. I think I was more so shocked in the preliminary rounds, so that when [I found out] he will become president it didn’t shock me as much because I realized back then how crazy and how ridiculous people can actually be.

“You said that there is going to be a racist in the White House. How do you feel about his supporters? Do you think they’re all racists?”

Actually, I do think all of his supporters are racists. I think his supporters fall in two categories. You have ones who just voted for Trump because they liked his rhetoric. They believed in it; like the KKK who actually supported it and endorsed him. (a/n: who Trump previously denied that he gets support from.) Then you have people who just don’t care – and that makes you racist, because you are able to not care. It doesn’t effect you that people are afraid of deportation and internment camps. So you can vote for him, because it’s not going to impact your life – which makes you racist [by default].

“I’m going to read a few statements from Trump’s 100 Day plan, and I want you to respond with the first thing that comes to your mind.”

“One of his points that was written in his 100 Day plan was to ‘lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward.’”

Well, Donald Trump is a corporate capitalist, and although he’s convinced many of this supporters that he’s anti-establishment, he’s still a 1-percenter – he’s still a part of the establishment – and so that doesn’t surprise me that he would disregard the health of not just our nation, but, eventually, the world… just for money.

I feel really unprepared for this question because I don’t really know much about it. From what I’m getting from it I feel like it possibly might cause problems, just because it [the roadblocks] was put there for a reason.

“He also put in his plan that he would like to cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary cities.”

*sigh* That one really hits home because I’m a product of immigrants – I’m a first-generation American. It’s really sad hearing about people getting deported and sent home. I don’t know where I stand on immigration laws, because I don’t know what would be the best way to ensure that we are protecting our borders, because we have to [protect our borders]. Every nation has to have borders. That’s just the way things work, but I don’t want families to be separated and destroyed.

I think it’s stupid. I don’t think that should be something that he should have the power to do. If the whole plan is to “Make America Great Again” he should make it [great] as a whole. You can’t cut out certain cities because you don’t like what they do. I think that’s dividing people instead of bringing people together, which is supposed to be his job. You’re supposed to make each other work in unison, and by cutting certain people off… that doesn’t really sound like unity to me. That’s like going and having four daughters or whatever and being like, “I don’t like this daughter’s job because she’s a stripper, or something like that, so I’m not going to put her in the will.” That’s not bringing people [together]. That’s going to divide people.

“Trump stated that he wanted to ‘End The Offshoring Act. Establishes tariffs to discourage companies from laying off their workers in order to relocate in other countries and ship their products back to the U.S. tax-free.’”

I think that sounds like a great plan. I hope it’s successful. I actually would love to see him do the same things with his products [and businesses] and offer jobs to Americans instead of outsourcing. Let’s see what happens with that.

That’s actually not really a bad point. I say that because that’s something that kind of started happening under Clinton’s administration and it kind of turned into a problem because people started losing jobs. I feel like him trying to go backwards in that, though, might be a problem in the fact that the people that own the companies – which are people with money – are going to have issues, and they’re going to raise hell, and it’s going to be a problem. Although that might be his goal, I don’t think that a lot of other Republicans would agree with that, because they would prefer to keep money into people’s pockets, rich people’s pockets.

“Are there any other remarks you would like to make?”

God bless America. *laughs* Because we need Jesus.

Can I say anything? F*ck Donald Trump. [a/n: I do not condone cursing. This is a direct quote.]


“When There Is No Enemy Within, The Enemies Outside Cannot Hurt You.”

Love yourself, because your love should be the first that you experience.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

–African Proverb

In simple words, this quote is reminding us to be self-confident. It is reminding us to be self-assured. It is reminding us to love ourselves. We should not be satisfied with just seeming to love and be confident in ourselves. I know it’s hard. I don’t wake up every day thinking I am the Black Queen God created me to be, but that is something I have to work on and I know most of us have the same problem.

If someone comes up to me and tells me that my hair looks nappy, or my feet are too big, or my stomach isn’t flat enough one of the first things I may do is check. But then I quickly realize that it doesn’t matter what they think. All that matters is that I am comfortable in the skin I’m in. We don’t need to focus so much on what negative, superficial things people are saying to us – those people come and go and will probably always have something negative to say (tip: they’re called “haters”). We need to focus more on the negative things we say about ourselves, and strive to fix them or come to terms with them.

Think about it. If you go out loving your new haircut and someone tells you they don’t like it, you won’t think twice about their comment. You’ll simply think that they’re wrong. Now, if you aren’t confident in your haircut and someone tells you they don’t like it then you’ll probably start to feel self-conscious about it. You’ll go home, look in the mirror, and point out every single wrong detail and misplaced hair. It’s important to remember that something doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be loved. And also you shouldn’t strive to love just what other people can see and criticize – but you should strive to love every part of yourself. You should strive to love your sense of humor, your thought processes, the way you empathize, and more. If you can’t bring yourself to love these things about you, then change them into something you can love. I am a firm believer that people can change if they truly want to. If you want to be more outgoing, go for it. If you want to be a more logical thinker, start studying more. It’s possible!

So, I want to give a few words of advice. You think your forehead is too big? You think your nose is too large? You think your legs are too skinny? Think of the most positive thing you can think of about that one sensitive spot you have – it doesn’t even have to make complete sense – and remember it, store it in the back of your mind. So the next time you think about getting plastic surgery or trying the new at-home remedy, tell yourself how pillow-y your big lips feel or how you and your mother both have the same forehead and she’s beautiful so you must be beautiful too. Love yourself, because your love should be the first that you experience. Once you truly love yourself, you won’t accept less from anyone else.


10 ‘A Seat at the Table’ Lyrics That Scream #BlackGirlMagic

Solange killed the game with the debut of A Seat At The Table. Check out some highlights of the album. Also, comment your favorite song from the album down below.

Before I get into these lyrics I have only one thing to say.

Solange, you did that.

Now, on to the list.



Don’t touch my hair. Don’t Touch My Hair

Just don’t.

I’m too high, I’m too better, too much so I let it go, let it go, let it go. Mad (ft. Lil Wayne) – also my favorite track

Reminding us to be the bigger person, and not to let anything weigh us down or take our happiness away.

It’s such beauty in Black people, and it really saddens me when we’re not allowed to express that pride in being Black, and that if you do, then it’s considered anti-white. No! You just pro-black. And that’s okay. Interlude: Tina Taught Me ft. Tina Knowles

Pro-black ≠ Anti-black


Don’t let anybody steal your magic. Interlude: I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It (ft. Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews)

Please don’t. It’s worth more than you’ll ever know.

As long as you find peace in what you’re doing, then you’re successful. Interlude: The Glory Is In You

Success is sweet. Success is peace.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t sing along. Just be glad you got the whole wide world. F.U.B.U.

She’s telling us that even though you can’t do this one thing, you have so many more opportunities to be amazing. At least that’s what I got from it.

My Grandfather said, ‘Why you gon’ call it “No Limit”?’ I said, ‘Because I don’t have no limit to what I can do.’ No Limits (Interlude) ft. Master P

We can do anything we put our minds to.


You’re a superstar always shining in the night and your skin glowing in the moonlight. Scales

Glow, just glow.

They say I changed but a pity if I stayed the same. Don’t Wish Me Well

Who lied and told you change is a bad thing?

Think about it, none of us are perfect. We live in a imperfect world, you know. Only God can judge me. That’s how I look at it. Interlude: Pedestals (ft. Master P)

Enough said.